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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Straight From the Roadhouse

Kid Bangham and some iteration of the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Great stuff. Kramer clothes and architectural hairstyle. A short vacation for the singer. Gibsons need not apply.

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  1. have been trying to locate Kid Bangham for some time without success ….. any word or contact information for him. Carver School of Rock comes up on searches but seems closed

  2. Hi HJB- Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Doug Bangham is sorta familiar to me. We used to play in some of the same places in Rhode Island back in the day (1980s). He was in a very fine band called Sugar Ray and the Bluetones. The leader was Ray Norcia, I think.

    The Carver School of Rock was something Kid Bangham started in Carver, Mass, down the street from where I used to live in Massachusetts. I think he did it to avoid dragging his butt out on the road all the time. He’d be about 65 years old right now, I think. Might be really retired. The covid thing really killed the live music business, and massacred the music lesson business, which might have been a contributor.

    He was one of those players that made everyone in a room turn around and pay attention when he started playing.

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