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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Oh Noes! It’s Gypsy Jazz

That’s Rocky Gresset and Noe Reinhardt playing Them There Eyes.

I really feel compelled to correct the grammar in that song. Not sure why. Old habits die hard, I guess. Those there eyes? No, that won’t get it done. Those eyes there? That’s better, but not quite the knees of the bees, I think.

When in doubt, spray in commas like an Arab, I always say. Even if they’re used incorrectly, they give the reader a pleasant place to stop and rest awhile. They’re like a bench in a park. Here goes: Those eyes, there.

Hmm. That’s grammatically correct, but the meaning has changed somehow. It’s possible that it might be preferable to use a semicolon instead of a comma, but I’m fairly certain that semicolons aren’t allowed on the Intertunnel anymore. I’d put an exclamation point after: there, but exclamation points are just used instead of periods now, so it wouldn’t have the proper declamatory effect.

All I really need to do is need to sneak up on: Those eyes that that girl is in possession of. Oh, dear. Anytime I see “that that” abroad in the land of a sentence I just wrote, I have visions of a nun and the sound of a ruler dopplering towards my knuckles. Also, the song is all bollixed up and wishes to intimate that the beauty is in the eye of the beheld, which can lead to a dangerous feedback loop now that selfies are en vogue. I also feel as though I should specify the gender of the beauty of the beheld of the eye. I’m a guy person, and rarely notice the eyes of another guy unless I’m poking them in a bar brawl, so I’ll go with a girlie eye from here on out. 

“That girl is pleasantly ocularly equipped.” That mellifluous combo works well enough, but the spellchecker is freaking out over “ocularly.” There it goes again. You’d think that after you wrote it once, it would leave you alone after that, but it keeps on telling me that ocularly isn’t a word. It’s weird knowing more words than the spellchecker and Maceo Pinkard, Doris Tauber and William Tracey.

I think I have it now: “I’m fairly certain that neither of that woman’s eyes are made of glass, or both are.” Perfection. Someone’s going to have to get busy on the chord structure, though. It doesn’t seem to fit anymore. I had a hunch something was wrong with that, too.

3 Responses

  1. Noe Reinhardt- any relation to Django- or did he adopt a stage name of Reinhardt to identify himself with the master? Though if he adopted a stage name of Reinhardt, I doubt he crippled any fingers to further identify himself w Django.
    Good playing.

  2. I's Likin' Yore Eyes. Baby, baby, baby.

    I's likin' Mr. Sippi's way wit' words, too.

    I's ackchually likin' Spam 'n eggs, but prefer it wit' bacon 'n sausage added, an' you can hold the eggs.

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