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I Set Up A Web Camera To Document The Building Of My Last End Table

Why yes, I do use a giant buzz saw with the blade installed backward in it. Why do you ask?

As you can see from the screen capture thumbnail, three of the fingers on my hands are webbed. Comes in handy when I’m trying to hold on to screws while using my cordless drill. It’s not supposed to be cordless, I just cut the cord off accidentally when I was using the chop saw; but those buggers are expensive, so I keep using it that way. Takes a long time to set a screw, but it sure gives me big wrist muscles. That’s why I’m able to carry an entire lift of  2x4s on my shoulder over to the table saw that I bought at Snidely Whiplash’s yard sale.

This, people, is why women want me, and men want to be me, and children are warned to stay away from me. 

5 Responses

  1. My uncle Letsgo Lozko, of the bantam chicken Lozkos, he once sent away for a set of plans to build a chicken coop without using nails or screws or glue. So precisely were the pieces of wood fitted that minimal amounts of duct tape were enough to hold 'er together. A problem arose when the chickens started eating the duct tape. The thing fell apart and all the chickens flew the coop.

  2. Backward blade takes the load off the table; wood just glides thru. Me, I always used BBs for ball bearings. Do have to be careful stepping, though.

  3. I'm truly sorry you've stopped building furniture before I could afford to buy some of it.

    But I hope this means you've come across some money that makes it unnecessary.

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