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If You Make Things For Other People Then You Are My Brother

Environmentalists love boats made like this. I’ve made boats like this. Been to plenty of boatyards, too. All the evil stuff left in our world is still used in the boatyard. Toluene; acetone; MEK; heavy metals; lead; fiberglass resin; hell, even the sawdust from the funky woods can give you nose cancer. Better to just let the maker read the label on the West System cans and paddle around the lake untroubled.

Gull Wing Boat Works

(Thanks to friend Charles Schneider for sending that one along)

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  1. Used to have a guy here 20 years ago making cedar-strip canoes. Used fibreglass cloth on the inside (maybe outside, but can't recall). Just lovely, they were. (His wife had a good-paying job.) He left when she did.

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