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Stop-Motion Murmansk

Murmansk is an interesting place.

It’s an ice-free port in a cold place. Murmansk is the largest city north of the Arctic Circle. It is the last city founded by the Russian Empire, made to accept ships filled with Great War supplies, then to make their way by rail to Russia proper. One world war later, the Soviets successfully defended it from attack from the Nazis, and Murmansk continued as the USSR’s link by convoy to the Atlantic west. Then it was a Cold War submarine base. When I think Murmansk, I think “cold.”

But wait a minute. Murmansk isn’t much colder than where I live in western Maine. Average daily lows in Murmansk in January and February are slightly warmer than here, and their record low for January of -38.9F is less than 3 degrees colder than ours. February and March lows are only about 3 degrees colder, too. Their daily highs are about 10 degrees lower on average, year round, than ours, though. All the loons around here turn on their ceiling fans if the temperature hits seventy, so maybe they’d like Murmansk better.

Holy cow, I’m comparing my local climate to Murmansk. I may have moved too far north.

4 Responses

  1. My wife heard this from an old timer the other day. He said that out here, by my house on the prairie, the children were sewn into their longjohns in early winter, and cut out in the spring. Then, they'd go to town.

    Murmansk? Dooood. I won't be going there anytime soon – thanks for the heads up on that.

  2. Daylight! You are forgetting about daylight. Going North is as much about giving up daylight as it is giving up warmth. I can tolerate more cold than dark.

  3. Hi Casey- The bit about the longjohns is a great turn of phrase. Just the sort of thing I'd steal and stick in a story.

    SamArt- You're right. I could just go down to the paper mill — which we call Sauron's place — and point a camera at it.

    BTW, I saw the compliment you paid me, and I'll try to get a list going in a blogpost. Thanks!

    Arlan! Nice to see you my friend.

    True dat, about the sunlight.

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