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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Sometimes I Miss My Big Brother

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  1. yea, me too.

    Sent home from the dr's mid August with a diagnosis of arthritis, rediagnosed on Sept 11, 2001 with bone cancer.
    Died November 29, 2001 after reacting violently to the chemo.

  2. Sad. He must have been something to have you for a younger brother, too.

    Loved the video. I have to confess an irresistible urge to visit old downtown areas and look at the theater buildings. They truly send me!

  3. Perhaps I should explain.

    My brother's not dead. He lives in Venice, California, which is like Hell, of course, but with the added insult of property taxes.

  4. Ah. Been to Venice. It's far from Maine. But heaven for a people watcher!

    I thought that San Fernando was hell.

  5. I thought San Bernadino was hell.

    I have lost my two older brothers, one of whom I do miss.

    I don't miss Big Brother, but once he gets here, we will not be allowed to miss him.

  6. I resemble that remark about Riverside, except I left in '84. My name was still on the mailbox when we went to D-Land in '91. Been to San Berdoo, too, but just passin' thru.

    Never been to Venice, but I have heard the people-watchn' is really good.

  7. My brother and I drove from Providence to Los Angeles, and I lived there a while and then returned, and he's stayed there thirty years or so.

    I was a welder in the desert, of all things. If I had died and went to hell back then, I would have had to go home and get a blanket.

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