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Winter Is What You Make Of It

Cute little tilt-shift video of Whistler Blackcomb ski area in British Columbia. Advertising and marketing that people will look at voluntarily for the charm that’s in it. That’s the way to do it. Everyone likes snow they don’t have to shovel.

2 Responses

  1. Charming video. I used to dream about skiing, but it finally stopped. My family used to go skiing in northern New Mexico. On any given weekend half the people at Santa Fe, Taos, or Red River would be from the Texas panhandle (with snow aplenty, but no mountains 🙂

    Husband used to say that New Mexico was God's gift to Texas. (Of course, substantial parts of New Mexico used to BE part of Texas, but we gave it away as part of statehood.)

    New Mexicans don't like Texans, but they happily take our money. And right now, half of Texas is in New Mexico, skiing on "spring break." The other half are on the beach, from Port Arthur to Port Isabel.

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