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Wealth, And How To Get It

Brad Hargreaves has made a nifty little chart of what sort of wealth a person could hope to accumulate in a lifetime, with helpful examples for all the rungs on his ladder.

I’m not astonished by the rate of creative destruction in the economy, even though my way of earning a living has been  completely wiped out at least six times in my lifetime. It’s the non-creative destruction I’m amazed at. Not Adam Smith, or even Karl Marx destruction. Ghengis Khan destruction. Vercingetorix destruction. William the Conqueror destruction. Carthaginian destruction, with nothing to replace it. The economy is less sophisticated than twenty-five years ago. It’s a hard money, feudal world again in many respects. The Duchy of Chicago was just awarded to a loyal Cromwell. 

I could simplify the chart to just three tiers:
1. Make money while you’re awake.
2. Make money while you’re asleep, too.
3. Make money even after you’re dead.

And bite all the coins. There’s a lot of tin in there.

10 Responses

  1. Cute. I've worked my way clean up to thousand-aire, and now that I've arrived my money is worth half of what it did when I started. It's like the world's not laughing with me, it's laughing at me. 'LOL' opens up whole new vistas. Wm

  2. As a glorified labourer I have always worried that age is the limiting factor in my abilities but I have tried to adapt to a more skilful less physical form of labouring. My success or lack of in this remains to be seen.

  3. The worst thing that ever happened to the bricks and mortar antiques business was "Antiques Roadshow" (everyone I used to buy from decided their goods golden and wanted more than I could even sell for) and eBay – the double whammy. I went from a 6,000 square foot store (then) to working out of my spare bedroom (now). My overhead dropped from $15K a month to almost zero, so there's that. But the landlord, local restaurants, print shop, mirror resilverer, furniture refinisher etc. etc. are no longer getting any action from me…

    Way less money, but on the bright side, way less stress, a lot more fun and thankful for the simple life!

  4. More of a pre-feudal economy.Grads of top schools go into law or finance and make zillions while destroying the economy. rest of us cower in our houses and hope the barbarians don't find us and carry off our daughters.

  5. Um, lawyers and doctors aren't doing very well (relative to ROI and time) these days, either. The cost of education is so prohibitively high that it takes a good fifteen years to make it worthwhile – to even have the loans paid down.

    Universities are making a fortune, though.

  6. The future is businesses providing real services at reasonable prices for their local communities with the added advantage of diversifying via internet. Large corporations run purely for profit with no regard for people or nature will start to fade away as we consciously move towards this scenario. The fiat money system and fraudulent banking practices which exist today will disappear as the banksters are held accountable for their actions. NWO and the global elite who perpetuate this control/slave system are being taken to task as I write this. And finally but most important of all people need to realise who they really are. That is their own divine authority which lies internally and not externally(eg government/religion etc). Once you can connect to that Wealth comes easily!

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