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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

The Intertunnel Is A Fascinating Place

There was an old Twilight Zone episode I vaguely remember. Burgess Meredith wants to be left alone with his books. He gets his wish, society is wiped out in a nuclear holocaust, and he finds himself alone in the world with no one to bother him. He enters a library, a kind of heaven. But his coke-bottle glasses are broken, and he discovers the need for other people, but it’s too late.

The Internets are like that library, if you’re not careful. Picking through the world and everything in it, until God breaks your glasses. Still; what wonders it shows me from time to time.

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  1. Reminds me of the woman who met one of our veterans in Italy. She offered him wine from her wine shop in Italy, and explained that she'd never had the opportunity to speak to an American veteran since the war.

    Why was that important to her? Because when she was @ the age of A Frank in this video, she and her siblings came out of the woods, naked and wearing shingles on their feet for shoes. A GI gave them some food (probably C rations) and of course they'd been starving and hiding out from Ted the Tedeschi.

    I got stories like this constantly when I visited Italy with a veterans' group. The small town people in North Italy love the Americans, as I understand the Dutch do also. I know this because they said it to my face.

    Cripes, this comment is longer than your post.

  2. Hi Mister Arthur- Merry Christmas.

    Hi G. Bob- You have an opposite view of mankind than the beautiful people, one that I share: people are valuable.

    Paul Johnson writes about what it costs the world to be anti-semitic from time to time. The short answer: a lot.

    Hi Casey- Longer, and more interesting, perhaps.

    "Ted the Tedeschi" Snicker.

    My wife and I play a game in a quiet moment: "What would we do if we had any money."

    Buy your pictures is a common one.

  3. The normalcy is frightening. In just a few years, those neighbors would betray one another to death, their country would be in ruins, and we are no different.

  4. Hi Casey – A lovely idea, but even after I sold my smaller son to the circus, he ran away and came home, so I have to sell the stuff and get money or we'll starve.

    I'll be rich some day though, and look out!

  5. I promise to make $ and buy some furniture someday.

    We're waiting to see if the gypsies bring back my child, too.

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