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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

What Eats A Moose Carcass?

Other than goldfish and Japanese Beetles, pretty much everything.

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  1. I noticed the Golden Eagle ruled the roost. And the coyote has to wait for the wolves, naturally. And, the way that Griz rolled in his food – no wonder they smell so bad. I have downwinded a few black bears in my time, and nothing else smells like that!

    After getting that 3/4 angle and slightly below view of the grizzly, I started to get a cold shiver. I had a close encounter with a large bruin last turkey season (spring) and wrote about it here: Hospitals, WW II, Kittens and Bears .

    My son is fine, now. I did not have to shoot the bear, but I did draw on him, since he was in instant rush distance, and looked to be overly interested in me. It was quite a rush to watch his red coat coming through the trees as I retreated!

    Anyway, since I did wonder about the species, this video does very much describe the back profile that I saw. He differed greatly from blacks in size (if he was a black bear, he is the biggest I have seen) and in color (not an inch of any color other than cinnamon). To make matters more interesting, a blog reader has inside dope regarding the North Cascades grizzlies that they are smaller than Canadian or Alaskan grizzlies.

    I run at the mouth. Wild animals get me going, I guess.

  2. Very interesting post, thanks.

    Not that it matters, but for the sake of accuracy, judging from what appears to be the antlers in the night vision camera I would say that was a Caribou not a moose.

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