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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Whose House Fourteen

Doesn’t look all that spartan. But he did live in there for nine years with no electricity.

(In the comments: Andy gets it. Andy wins 1.5 Intarnets! Good jerb.)

26 Responses

  1. Ernest was born rather wealthy.

    And I'm pretty sure the cabin at Walden Pond didn't have aluminum siding. Teehee.

  2. David Souter is from New Hampshire. His house is a lot dumpier than that.

    JD Salinger is just getting around to building his second house. Maybe. But that's not it.

    Too roomy for Ted.

    It's rather southern looking, to my eye.

  3. Definately an early 1900's bungalow.

    Aluminum siding you say? The antenna mast has me puzzled.

    The massive screened porch and window shades do say warm, buggy climate.

    9 years with out electricity; had to be prior to 1950…

    william Faulkner?

  4. What do you mean… "wrote 23 books, not an author"? Anyway… could this be where Flannery O'Conner used to live? With her mum? Down south?

  5. Tom- Since this blog is more or less a personal journal, you'd think it would be mostly about explaining myself. I almost never do that. And when I do, it passes unremarked.

    I'm surprised no one's gotten this edition of whose house yet. I figgered someone would get it right away. Goes to show you what I know.

  6. Duh… now I recall you did say "he" lived there for so many years. Wasn't paying close enough attention. Okay… Falkner? Just offering Southern writers to the stew. But I do consider Falkner a writer.

  7. How about W.C. Minor? Southerner. Lunatic. Massive contributor to the O.E.D., which could be 23 volumes, and Minor was not an "author".

  8. Mister Arthur- Your last answer is superior to the correct answer.

    It is a lunatic southerner, it's true.

  9. Jimmy Earl wrote 23 books!?!?!

    Are you sure it wasn't that he wrote 1 book that sold 23 copies?

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