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50 State Ring-And-Run Crime Spree Continued: Mostly New, Some North, It’s Not An Island (From 2007)

We’re continuing our fifty state tour of old front doors. It tells us a lot about our front door heritage, which is to say: not very much.

New Jersey:
New Mexico:

New York:

North Carolina:
North Dakota:





Puerto Rico:

Rhode Island:
I’ll run out of states soon, so I’m contemplating “Drainage Ditches Of The Near East,” or perhaps “Garden Gnomes Of The Marianas Islands” as a theme for next week. I’m open to suggestions, of course.

5 Responses

  1. The North Dakota one is still there. I looked at the picture, did a Google Maps on Grassy Butte, ND, and lo, there’s even a Street View of it!

    The following will take a few seconds to position Google Maps to the right place and then move into street view and then you should be looking at it.

    Grassy Butte’s old post office

  2. North Dakotan’s will be thrilled with their grand entry. Are you tying to say something Sippican?

  3. 1970’s van interiors?
    My ’73 dodge had wall to wall, ceiling to floor brown shag. After three months in the humidity of Louisiana it turned a lovely shade of green.

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