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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Whose House? Niner. Neener Neener Neener

Whose house was this? Somewhat austere, but elegant. The house, too.

(Update: No one’s got it yet. Here’s another room:)

(Uppity update: Andy gets it.)

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  1. This is going to sound weird, but that has a familiar Wisconsiny/rural North Carolina-ey feel to it.

    Frank Lloyd Wright?
    Georgia O’Keefe?
    Louis Sullivan?

    [crossing fingers] hoping to win the big jackpot of intarnets.

  2. Dick- It is rather spiffy

    TJPB- Silent Cal was from Vermont. This is further west.

    Andy- Elegance knows no gender. All the furniture is pretty nice, ain’t it?

    Ruth Anne- Louis Sullivan was a better architect than FLL. Is not Wisconsin, but that’s not crazy or anything.

  3. House looks to be early 20th Century Bungalow, with an eclectic collection of furniture (note the Arts & Crafts Morris chair, next to a Colonial (maybe) spinning wheel.

    Austere and elegant?

    Katherine Hepbur?

  4. Not a woman. But your vintage is right. House built in 1907.

    And I’m not sure Katherine Hepburn ever left Connecticut, except to make movies. This is more like Frostbite Falls.

  5. Anon- There appears to be an alcohol, or paraffin lamp in the middle of the table.

    Very few houses were wired for electricity then, especially rural examples. They might have had carbide (acetylene) available, but there’s no swing arm sconces on view here, but the pictures are taken 75 years after it was built, so they might have been removed later.

    Missouri isn’t a bad guess, but Frostbite Falls is in… Minnesota, and Harry is too old.

  6. Agreed on the genderlessness of elegance, but there is a decided tendency to use it more towards the female. I’ll admit to using it that way almost exclusively myself.

    Robert Bly? Born well after the house was, and all that, but it’s a shot.

  7. Andy, you must not stop until you get it. There is no entry fee.

    Our quarry attended the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Perhaps this is what triggered our favorite punstress’ Ruth Anne’s Wisconsin spider sense.

  8. Andy gets it! He wins One Intarnet, and one extra Intarnet for extra effort. That’s, like, three Intarnets!

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