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Hello Denver

Sippican Cottage Furniture got a nice little mention in the Denver Post the other day. Victorian Holiday Splendor at

I played music at some sort of civic or convention center in Denver a decade or so ago. It’s funny how you associate entire areas of the country and their populations with mundane details about your short soirees through them. A pretty girl asked me for an autograph in Denver once, and so Denver is a swell place with wonderful people and marvelous vibe and unicorn farms and the streets are paved with pound cake, forevermore. They’re just burnishing their image at this point.

On the same day as the DenverPost item, one of my neighboring states sent me an automated $25 ticket for running a $0.70 toll. Which I manifestly did not do. But they know you’ll pay it because it’s too much trouble to fight it, and so they don’t really care whether they are full of merde.

In my world, that state is now three parts clarified bowel movement, four parts perfidy, eleven parts death, taxes and the grave, and forty-five parts low-rent jackleg. Hope it was worth the twenty-five bucks. You can always spend five hundred bucks on tourist advertising later to try and woo me back inside the benighted dotted line I’ve drawn around your state. I’ll build a privy, with a hole in the shape of a certain state instead of a half-moon in the door, and use those brochures in there, I promise.

Viva Denver!

5 Responses

  1. Nice little plug for ya, and I’m pleased to see it, as a semi-native Denverite (or at least having lived in it’s surrounds for roughly a decade in the past). Most of my family is still in the area. I’ve always felt that Denver doesn’t quite get the love it deserves, but it’s a pretty low profile kind of place, and I think I like it that way.

  2. Oh wow. Now you’re “adorable”. :o) I hope you get a whole bunch of orders from Denver.

    Contest the ticket. Hubby contested the parking ticket NY gave him (how can you call it parking when the engine is running and the driver is behind the wheel?) even after they offered a cheaper fine if he didn’t contest. It’s been so long that we haven’t heard back, I suspect they gave up on the same principle you mentioned – too much bother. Mind you, that was NYC, not the state.

  3. I was once mailed a parking ticket when my car had been sitting in the driveway for nearly a year as inoperable!

    I did not pay it.

  4. On a lighter note – you were in Foghat?

    Anything’s possible, but I don’t remember being in Foghat.

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