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New Logo

Here’s Sippican Cottage Furniture‘s new logo:

I have a larger one, too:

That is to say: if you don’t hate it.

Update: Gerard’s handy to have around:

14 Responses

  1. Looks good from here.

    Plus, I’ve always liked the old red, white, and blue American shield. It’s a beautiful, classic design that evokes strength and simplicity.

  2. Take the top one and put the tagbar “Antiques Made Fresh Daily” on the bottom as in the large one and Bob’s yer uncle.

  3. I likes.

    I’m particularly fond of the text. It reflects your personality so well and makes them stand out from most bland logos.

    As for the shields, I’m not American, so they don’t inspire warm fuzzy childhood memories for me. But seeing as your target market is probably 100% American, you can safely ignore that last comment.

  4. Can you add the half-moon ‘new improved’ atop Gerald’s tweeked version? If you want to switch from landscape to a portrait, that might work.

  5. Everyone is most kind and helpful.

    PJ: It’s the greatest color scheme ever.
    Gerard: Thanks. Oh, and how many shield encrusted bookcases can I put you down for?

    Janet: Thanks. I make Canadian Mennonite furniture now. I just don’t sell it in Canada.

    Hi Sissy.

    Roy- A great compliment. They seem like nice people, and are durn interesting.

    Ron- You are very observant. Although it’s not really a “Grange” motif, it’s very close and contemporaneous. I based it on the “Mechanics” clubs that were popular in the early twentieth century. Double gold star for you.

    Ruth Anne- I like the half moon thingie too. Signs in the 40s and fities used to use that a lot. I’ll find a way to use it again as you suggest.

    Thanks again everyone! New furniture website coming soon.

  6. I confess I’m partial to the Beaux-arts babe on the side bar.

    The star and stripes shield thing though, I dunno.

    To me, it harkens back to that late 19th ‘brown decades’ era perhaps about the time of the Centennial–where such a thing was more instantly accessible to a whole lot of people who would still remember the sound of the cannon and musketry. And the plastering of the flag and that sort of design over anything that wasn’t nailed down and then some seemed to be almost required.

    For instance, I know I saw a cigarette brand called “Liberty” with a lady liberty and flag on it (that may have dated to WWI though) can you imagine doing that today?

    This isn’t to toss rocks at the idea, but it just sort of strikes me as too martial for this place.

    But if you’re going to do it, I like Gerard’s suggestion.

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