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Moowah Mattapoisett

If you’re lost on teh Intertunnel and just sort of wandered in, I’m singing the praises of my next door neighbors in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. Sterling folks. I took a picture of this interesting house, when a unseen, mordant voice drifted down from the rooftop there: “That’ll be one dollar.” Heh.

Look, it’s Mrs. Cottage. Oops, she moves fast.

The next one doesn’t need a sign to tell you that this is not the Registry of Motor Vehicles or a convenience store, does it?

The houses are right on the street, and a Cape house affords little privacy situated like that. They all solve the problem by having shutters inside, and a front storm door that is louvered like these exterior shutters, so the inside front door can be opened to let a breeze in, but afford privacy to the inhabitants.

It’s possible to live right on the street in a town like this. Sleepy:

The library is a little Roman wonder. It’s gotten that rarest of things: A major addition in keeping with the original structure. Hey Frank Gehry: Symmetry; look into it:

An offering to the god of passersby:

2 Responses

  1. Too, too nice. Been up your way (roughly) a few times. My sister in law’s mom lives on a little stretch of sand across some small expanse of water from Duxbury. Can’t remember the name of the beach, but it’s mighty isolated, and everywhere a tiny little boat can take you seems to look a lot like Matapoisett. Even Plymouth, to some extent, though I suspect locals snub their noses at the touristy-ness (what?) of the place. Still, I’ve had plenty of great beer and great company there.

  2. Spent last week at a beach house in Westport. What a lovely part of MA, and the people going to the Cape just drive right on by.

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