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A Longstanding Sippican Tradition: PPRPSP


We have many new readers these days. Welcome. If you’re new to the Sippican Cottage blog, there are certain traditions we adhere to strongly. One of my personal favorites, and I’m sure the favorite of many regular readers and commenters, is our longstanding tradition of showing pictures of Paul Robeson playing softball, which we run every Tuesday at 9:03 AM.

The management of Sippican Cottage regrets that we’re a little thin this week. We apologize for not having our usual large array of new Pictures of Paul Robeson Playing Softball Pictures, or PPRPSP as the regulars like to refer to them. Maybe if the weather is better, we’ll have many more next week.

Thanks! And safe driving!

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  1. You know, there are plenty of sites on the web that feature fisting, but few that present the act clothed.

    This is a real breakthrough!

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