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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Life: An Overview

He had had a rich and full life. Led armies into battle. Commanded attention and admiration. His name was mentioned on every continent. His reputation would fade, but not disappear. He mattered.

The furnace of life was banked low now. He had had enough. He was ready to meet eternity. The faithful amanuensis bent low to hear his whisper amidst his stertorous breaths.

What did you learn? What can you tell us before you leave us?

In the forties **cough**

Yes? What happened in the forties?

In the forties, the sock needed to be argyle.

Yes, and…

In the fifties, they were white.

Who? Who was white?

The socks. White.In the sixties they had to be black.

The socks? You mean the socks?

Yes. In the seventies, they were white again. Towards the end there.


Yes; in the eighties you didn’t wear socks at all for a while –then you had to have hosiery, not socks. Hurt my feet.

I see.

In the nineties it was just dark socks again.

Umm hmm.

In the oughts, it was ladies’ socks for some reason. You wore ladies tennis socks and sneakers. I never understood that one.

Yes, and…?

No, that’s it. That’s all.

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