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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

I Hate Politics

I refuse to discuss politics or my bathroom habits here. Since the melding of politics and bathroom habits have come to their glorious acme with the activities of a certain Senator from Idaho, I really don’ t know what’s left to say about them, anyway.

It’s impolite to talk about politics in social setting where they are not the reason for the gathering in the first place. Political gatherings should be few, far-between, and decisive. You, know, like pumping out your septic tank. With the same results, generally. Get rid of the old turds to make room for the new ones.

Anyway, I’ve written something vaguely political, but to my credit it’s in a place where people go looking for that sort of trouble. Pajamas Media.

“I don’t want to stay vertically integrated until I’m horizontal, thank you very much.”

It’s not really political, actually. It’s a plea to be recused from politics as much as practicable, which is my usual, misunderstood position. Someone calling themselves “Grumpy” left a comment right away describing it as :

“…a little convoluted but the point being made is crystal clear.”

Grumpy, I pray that will be chiseled on my gravestone someday.

5 Responses

  1. Was that a paying gig for Pajamas?

    Mary Kay Ash used to teach the principle to us with the term “nickel jobs” and “dollar jobs”–we were to delegate the nickel jobs so as to concentrate on the dollar jobs [whatever we individually were indispensible to do]. So that helped me hire a cleaning lady so I could play with my kids, which isn’t really a paying job, but it’s the job I am singularly designed to do.

  2. Heh- Pat, I didn’t know you were taking over as Vice-President in charge of Puns. Your portfolio grows.

    Ruth Anne- Yes. Your anecdote is exactly the same.

    All modern economics are slightly counterintuitive. But Ricardo’s law of comparative advantage is the granddaddy of all modern economic thought. It’s as fundamental to economic theory as the wheel is to transportation. Like all fundamental, profound things, it’s kind of simple, and it appears in many guises, uttered and written in many formats. It’s possible Mary Kay Ash had never heard of Ricardo, but understood the principle intuitively. After all, Ricardo observed it and named it, he didn’t “invent” it.

  3. Oh, no, no, no… I wouldn’t dare displace Punmistress-in-chief Ruth Anne Adams. She’s a pro and can hammer them out on a daily basis. I’m lucky if I can wedge a good one in once in a blue moon.

  4. I knew there was something I wanted to say about the picture, but time and tide, etc., etc…. Watched a movie from the late 30’s today, which reminded me–there was more news way back when the picture was taken. Must have been. Look at the newspaper–it’s 25-33% wider than those today.

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