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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

The End Of History

A few years ago, a pack of morons who shall remain nameless remarked that we’d come to “the end of history.” Since we’re gettin’ history, full-bore and in spades every day, I think that remark and all the people who seized on it need to be ridiculed as the myopic narcissists they were, and are. BTW, electing people that claim that problems stop because they’re in charge is unwise. I indulge my children by closing the closet door at bedtime because they’re afraid a monster might be in there looking at them. If there really was a monster in there, I wouldn’t tell them to go to sleep and close the door anyway. There’s no monster scarier than Dad.

Sam Cooke has one of the loveliest voices in the history of lovely voices. It was fun to hear it lilt over that compendium of things. I’ve been around for a while. These people are not my contemporaries, but none of them are obscure to me, either. What a rollicking half-century it’s been, chock-a-block full of history, really. Did you know everybody in there? They made some history for themselves, instead of stickin’ their fingers in their ears and going lalalalalala…. Try it, it’s fun. The history, I mean.

6 Responses

  1. I had much the same reaction to the title of that book. I still shake my head when I think of it. I would crack a joke here about history Ph.D.’s, except I’m married to one. He is nowhere near so foolish, mind you.

  2. Ah, but of course it is not the PHD that makes you that flavor of dope. The “Piled Higher and Deeper” at the end of the name simply means you’ve got the intellectual horsepower to remember more things than the average person, and have the credentials to prove it. Who’s fault is it if everything you choose to remember is nonsense? It’s like a cockroach-infested diner with bad food, but popular because the portions are so large.

  3. Did I just write “who’s” right there?

    As god as my witness, I’m going to stop looking at the Internet if I do that again.

    I’ve caught speling from the Intartunnel.

  4. I saw only one person I didn’t recognize (and one other I’m not sure of–the guy with Einstein–Ben Gurion?) Those photos of Queen Liz–she was a babe!

  5. Oh, you spelled “who’s” right, no problem. Unfortunately, what you needed there was “whose”…

    But we didn’t notice, of course we didn’t. You’re right, your eyes get so used to being offended by Internet spelling, they stop sending out the alerts after a while.

  6. francis fukuyama and friends will have to take responsibility for the idiotic end of history (1992).

    Was one of them Sun Yat-sen?

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