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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

When In Rome, Rome Around

Audible jokes look bad typed out.

Hey. look at that crazy old-time picture of that crazy old-time fish restaurant in decrepit old Boston. If you were visiting, and you wanted to do some old thing that tourists do–unlike going to the Cheers bar, which is really called the Bull and Finch, and got so full of people who know it as the Cheers bar that no one that knew it as the Bull and Finch ever bothered to go there again –wouldn’t it be cool to go and sit in that hoary old place? Well you can. The Union Oyster House is the oldest continuously operating restaurant in America. It still looks more or less like that, although the magnificent gaudy oyster stand-off sign is gone. Something more tasteful and less exuberant was no doubt mandated by the city in a fit of not-minding-their-own-business.

Sippican met Mrs. Sippican about a block from there. The statues and plaque have not been forthcoming; back-ordered, I expect.

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  1. I think you and the Maternal Optimist both got the “pun” gene….

    I wandered here from my sister, Ruth’s blog.

    I see that you make wonderful furniture.

    Someday, when I build my new house, I’ll have to get new furniture. I have a friend who asked me if I plan to do that. I asked her if she didn’t like my “early-relative furniture?” She didn’t think that was too funny, but I did.

    I love the Miles Treasure shelves and the colors….

    Since I raise black and tan setters, I suspect I’ll be getting something with cherry and hallowe’en black or honeypot and black…

    Great site…and wonderful furniture….

    I’ll continue on…can’t wait to see the color-coded tables for my nieces.

    Peggy DaValt

  2. Hi Peggy. Thanks for reading and commenting. Your sister is one of the nicest people I’ve ever encountered on the internet. Always pleasant and funny. I read her blog daily, to find out how my little son’s prospective prom dates are doing.

  3. Surely you mean Mrs Cottage, rather than Mrs Sippican?

    Or is there another woman you have been meeting recently who has the same surname as your given name?

  4. It is a hot romantic spot. I tok my wife on our first actual date there, but did not tell her in advance where we were going, lest she refuse.

    We used to love also to visit the nearby “Boston Stone”.

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