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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Saturday Morning Funnies, Or: Penguins Is Practically Chickens

Primo. The finest episode-long joke ever in Warner Cartoons.

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  1. I don’t need to show you no stinkin’ badge!

    Ever notice that there’s a lot of cannibalism references in all of these clips? I think I’m glad I never ate dinner the homes of Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, or Michael Maltese.

  2. That was no Bogey — That was Rick Blaine from Spain who, with Claude Rains, just got here in the Plane — from Lisbon!

    my alliterative alt-ending!

  3. Ruth Anne, Ron- One of the duties of the modern adult is to explain to children who the hell those people in the cartoon are. There’s a Porky Pig as talent agent, with Daffy Duck bugging him, and every person in Hollywood caricatured in it, that almost wore me out once.

    That’s Bing Crosby. Who? Never mind. Carmen Miranda. Never mind. Frank Sinatra. Never mind. Clark Gable. Never mind…

    Pat- They were a strange bunch of dudes, thank the lord.

  4. Another classic. After splainin’ the Bogey reference to the kids, I’m going to have to watch Treasure of the Sierra Madre with them.

    Sip – the other good one like that has Fudd as a vaudeville star and Bugs as down on his luck (!). Elmer walks through a park where a buch of burned out entertainers desperate for a job try to impress him — Jolson, Benny, Crosby. At the end of line, Elmer sees Bugs and says something like, “Bugs, what are you doing with these guys?”

  5. A classic. I always liked when Bugs gave the Penguin a basket of ice cubes to munch on for the trip. The Bogart reference is regarding Bogie’s radio show of the time, called “Bold Venture” in which he played the owner of a run-down hotel in Havana, Cuba and “Bold Venture” was the name of his boat. Bacall starred with him. Each episode featured a calypso song “made up” about the events of that episode by their cook, King Moses, who strummed the guitar (hence Bug’s guitar number in the cartoon).

  6. PJ- I remember that one. It’s especially hard to explain Al Jolson to a four year old.

    Jacqueline-That’s fascinating. I never heard of that. It is a reminder that Warner Brothers cartoons were as culturally astute and timely and sophisticated as anything we have today, Simpsons included.

  7. Re: the difficulties of explaining these classic cultural references to your children.

    Don’t worry, when they grow up, they’ll have the same problem explaining all the subtle references in The Simpsons and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to THEIR kids.

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