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Saturday Is For Cartooons

I’ve got telephone problems now, as a welcome respite to being inconvenienced by an interruption of my internet access. And my digital camera died. As Rodney Dangerfield says: “I’m afraid to go to the bathroom.” Anyway, we soldier on. Cartoons! I always preferred early Bugs. He was much more vicious. He even had more of a ferretty face back then.

Here’s one I always liked too. Pay attention to the work of the least known but perhaps most talented of the Bugs team. Outside of Mel Blanc, who’s in a sort of class of his own, THE MAN was Carl Stalling, doing the music:

Enjoy! Just don’t try and call me to tell me how much you liked it.
(Updated: Phone fixed! Green wire, black wire…whatever!)

2 Responses

  1. I heard of couple bars of “We’re In the Money” when Uncle Louie’s first letter arrived. And did you catch the lawyers’ letterhead? Shuyster and someone was all I could make out.


  2. The second one begins with a song called “Girlfriend of the Whirling Dervish” by Johnny Mercer. Stalling used to toss that one in all the time. Sublime.

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