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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Happy International Heliophysical Year to One and All

My latest somewhat humorous article is available for your viewing, dining, and dancing pleasure over at It’s called “The Future Looks Bright.”


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  1. Gregory- Enjoy reading your stuff. Do you have an English major background? Just curious. It’s entertaining reading. I first found out about your blog from the January 23rd issue of Furniture Today Magazine that was plopped down in front of me by our company’s furniture buyer, with the comments… “Here… read this.” An attempt to help boost our search engine ratings.

    Anyway, you have inspired me to begin our own blog for our furniture store, “Chapin Furniture.”

  2. Hi Keith and thanks for dropping by. How elaborate is the magazine article mentioning me? What does it cover? I’ve only seen a blog entry with a short rundown.

    My background is, well, a long story. Architecture and English, yes, but I have no “credentials.”

    Send me a link to your new blog when you get it going.

  3. Greg… it says in the article that you can read the opinions columns at It is a half page read, right next to an article titled, “China Textile Threat Eased.”

    Architecture and English, ey? Definitely some artistry woven in both those routes. I majored in English from the University of South Carolina and enjoy writing when I get a chance to do so. Just curious… how did you get people to first visit your blog? I’m new to this. My blog site is:

    There’s a link to our furniture store from there as well. Good chattin’ with ya.

  4. Keith- I think it’s terrific that you work alonside your father. I have two small children of my own, and occasionally the older one helps me, and it’s the most gratifying thing in the world.

    As far as getting people to your blog, start by writing on it every day. It’s harder than you think to keep that up. When you have a little store of posts, start visiting other websites with like minded persons. It’s considered impolite to troll for your site at other’s sites, but if you leave comments that others find interesting, they can click on your name, and through your profile, get to your page and store page. You can take out blogads on pages you frequent, and ask people to visit your site. It’s fairly inexpensive, but you have to choose your target audience wisely.

    After you get going, e-mail likely “friends” in your industry or sympathetic audiences and ask the webmaster to exchange links.

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