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But Enough About Me. What Do You Think About Me?

Well, robots are sweeping the internet. I’m unconcerned. The internet needs sweeping, and a good de-lousing, too. I could explain Open AI to you, but since every news outlet and blog has already done so, I’ll skip it, if you don’t mind. Their reactions to it sounded a might robotic, to my ear, which is […]

The Varykino Gambit

Ever watch Dr. Zhivago? It’s a David Lean movie. Made all sorts of money. It’s a tale from Russia, with love. The love part was a minor problem back in the day. Lots of critics, who are almost people, but not quite, objected to what they saw as mundane romantic subject matter ladled over titanic […]

The 3-6-3 Rule Rules. Well, It Used To

[Editor’s Note: A hardy perennial. Originally offered in 2009. Still seems fairly trenchant, I’d say, if I knew what trenchant meant]  Why did the nascent United States produce so many great thinkers? Where are they now? Great thinkers come to the fore when they are required. The founding of any great enterprise requires inspiration coupled […]

I Looked Down, And There It Was (Redux)

maple syrup

[From 2007. Perhaps to be right too far in advance is the same as being wrong.] It’s a hoary old joke my friend tells. The man of few words, in a restaurant slightly more elegant than he’s used to. The waiter asks: “How did you find your meal?” He answers: “I looked down, and there […]

Maine Is Totally Like This, Totally

sippican cottage boats in Camden harbor

Whoo boy, that’s Maine. I live in Maine, if you call that living, and I’m here to testify that Maine is just like you see in the video. Why, lighthouses are thick on the ground, I tell you what. We were thinking of just stringing the telephone wires from one to the next instead of […]

Sippican’s Greatest Hits: Hostile Workplace

In a previous life, I supervised the construction of commercial buildings — filling stations, convenience stores, restaurants — that sort of thing. After a short while, I was in charge of most everyone. When you’re in charge, all the ticklish things make it to your desk. The staff tries on their own for a while, […]

Frantic and Angry and Late Is No Way To Go Through Life, Son

[Written in 2014. I shed a tear to see Chasmatic’s name in the comments. He was a nice man, and he has gone to his reward]  I remember the dark days before Nuvi. Being lost in a car was a fairly regular occurrence for me. I built and repaired things out in the landscape, and […]

Some Great Date

The weather has turned here in Western Maine. A few weeks ago you could still find disconsolate patches of snow here and there, loitering with bad intent in northeastern shade. There were frosts last weekend, down in the twenties at night. The frosts punished people that planted pansies and passed the slackers on by. The […]

Blind Beautiful Devotions Which Only Women’s Hearts Know

    This child was her being. Her existence was a maternal caress. She enveloped the feeble and unconscious creature with love and worship. It was her life which the baby drank in from her bosom. Of nights, and when alone, she had stealthy and intense raptures of motherly love, such as God’s marvellous care […]

Rumford Delenda Est

I did something well out of the ordinary yesterday. Or was it Thursday? I don’t know. Or is today Thursday? I don’t know what day it is, or what week, or the month, because these concepts have no meaning to me anymore. Time passes and that’s that. I do what I do, day and night, […]