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‘Fuzzy Playroom Shot’ Is the Name of My Flock of Seagulls Tribute Band. But I Digress

Well, we’re a little short on pictures. But what we got, you can have. These aren’t glamor shots by Deb. Real estate photography has gotten real, real good these days, and it makes snapshots taken in a hurry look pretty wretched in comparison. Of course if you rely on modern real estate agent photography to buy a house, you may be disappointed to learn that the basement isn’t really sunny all the time. They just took the megaflash back to the office with them.

Well, let’s get on with it. Remember the hedrons? We do:

Ugh. That poiple. That yaller color on the wall. That sparky baseboard heater. It’s giving me hives just looking at it.

It’s better, I think. We kept the little portal to another dimension, but we evicted all the squirrels and at least dialed the spider colony back a tick in there. Hey look, there’s an electrical outlet on the wall. Wonders never cease.

Ah, yes. The entry door wall. I’m sometimes tempted to put myself in other people’s shoes, and try to think like they think. So they go to the store, and buy a tub of poiple paint and open it up, and start painting, and when they’re halfway done, they ask themselves, “What happens at the top of the wall?” And then they give up. Me? I don’t give up:

We threw a rug down in there, and it cozy-ed up a bit.

Remember the fuzzy playroom shot?

To honor it properly, we’ll show you the underexposed after picture. It sorta matches.

Don’t laugh. The spare heir is attending college at that desk, and killing it. Cybersecurity degree. We hear him make bwahhahhah noises from time to time when he cracks a password for class.

The room makes a pretty fair guest room, too. If you don’t mind sleeping in the same bed I slept in when I was in grade school, that is.

So we need a new project to describe. Dining room? Laundry room? HVAC system? The insulation machine we invented (well, assembled with duct tape and zip ties, anyway). Help us decide which meager set of fuzzy pictures and lame-o jokes you prefer to see next in the comments, if you like.

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  1. Oh boy. I am in a difficult situation here on the home front. Talked my DH into allowing me to tear down the sheetrock ceiling and all the 60 year old rat infested insulation out of the ceiling of our abandoned cabin. This is zone 4 and our night time temperatures have been down to 40. Went into the cabin yesterday when the outside temperature was about 65. Couldn’t stand to be inside for longer than 10 minutes. Clearly my “just clean it up” plan now requires new insulation immediately! DH is not happy as he just really wants to tear it down! Any suggestions about cheap but effective insulation?

    1. Hi Anne- Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Many suggestions for cheap but effective insulation coming up, starting with today’s entry. After all, cheap but effective is my middle name.

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