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A Whole Lotta Firepower

Little Village. It only lasted a year or two in the nineties, and then disbanded. The songs sound a little bit too much like a committee wrote them. But I’d be hard pressed to come up with more firepower on a stage than:

John Hiatt (guitar and vocals)
Ry Cooder (guitar and vocals)
Nick Lowe (bass and vocals)
Jim Keltner (drums)

In music, the total has to be more than the sum of the parts, I guess.

6 Responses

  1. Dunno why they’re reminding me so much of the Beat Farmers before Country Dick Montana took over the vocals. They don’t sound much the same. Speaking of, it’s hard to believe this is the same Ry Cooder that did the Last Man Standing (Bruce Willis movie) soundtrack.

  2. Hi John- Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Those bands were about the same vintage, early nineties, I think. Maybe they were just on the radio playlist one after another and it stuck with you.

    If you look up Ry Cooder’s soundtrack track record, it’s a whole lot of good soundtracks in bad movies. Maybe they should have had him direct, instead.

  3. “Supergroup” seems too Wham-ish somehow to fit, but I’d say they qualify. A John Hiatt side project I never heard of? This made my day. Thanks.

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