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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Good News, Honey. It’s 1 Degree Warmer Than Last March 4th

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  1. My life has been made infinitely better by the people I've met on the internet. I give you exhibit A and B: Joan and Sam.

    BTW, the low tonight will be -12. Nippy.

  2. We had snow and hail, here, today. Still, above 30F. And I did reside in Nort Dakotah
    for a couple winters.

  3. Hi Thud- I hope you and Anh and all the Thudlettes are doing great.

    I know you're joking, but life expectancy in Maine is about the highest of any US state. It's breathing all that clean, Siberian air that does it, I think.

    All the best from your friend in Maine

  4. I don't envy you the cold weather. On the bright side, it kills off cockroaches and the like. My brother and his wife on the Maine coast have slightly warmer weather than Rumford, but still cold this time of year. My experience with cold weather while growing up in New England was that getting outside and moving around, so that you got accustomed to the cold weather, was the best way to deal with it.
    Definition of a damned fool: someone who spends the winter in New England and the summer in TX.

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