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The Hills Are Alive, With the Sound of Unorganized Hancock

My two little human noise machines will be appearing on The Breakfast Club on Z 105.5 in Auburn, Maine this morning. That means we have to get up a half an hour before we go to bed in order to get there in time. This is the third time that Unorganized Hancock has brought their unique blend of not-uniqueness to the Matty in the Morning show. Everyone at the station is always really nice to us, and we’re grateful for their friendship. The boys will be performing at a benefit event run by the station later on in the Spring, which will be announced on the show.

Unorganized Hancock has added their original song, Go, Go, Go, to their Bandcamp page. It’s the official anthem of the 21st Century, because I said so. You can listen to it by pressing the Play button on this-a-here embedded player, and you can download a hi-def copy for just 99 cents, if you’ve got an iPod and 99 cents.

If you want, you can listen to the show live over the Intertunnel on Z 105.5’s feed. If you don’t happen to be glaring at my webpage when they’re on, and you miss it, never fear. You can hear an archived copy almost immediately on the radio station’s TalkShoe page.

[Update: Here’s a direct link to the Talkshoe recording of the show]

[Another Update: Many thanks go out to Sam from Astoria, Oregon, for his constant support of of our children’s musical efforts. It is very much appreciated]
[Additional Update: Many thanks to Donald B. for overpaying for the boy’s song on BandCamp. It is very much appreciated]
[More Update: Many thanks to longtime friend Kathleen M. from Connecticut for her generous support of our children’s musical efforts. It is very much appreciated]

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  1. If I had an iPod and 99 cents I would have called in sick today.
    This blog could use a search function, please and thank you
    Greetings from the land of sun and stars

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