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Christmas Whatsis 2015

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time for the Sippican Christmas Whatsis for 2015. If you’re looking for a little Christmas cheer with your Christmas shopping, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started!

First, we have the best band in Maine: Unorganized Hancock will make your yule log glimmer, your eggnog simmer, and your party dress shimmer with their Poorly Wrapped Christmas Album. Five big songs you can download for just $3.99. If you prefer a CD, you can get a disc in a jewel case with lovely cover art for just $9.99, and that includes shipping! You can also buy the songs one at a time for $0.99 if you prefer. You can pay more than the asking price for any version of the Poorly Wrapped Christmas Album if you’re feeling generous.

We don’t sell pigs in a poke here at Sippican Cottage, so if you want to hear what you’re buying first, just hit the play button on the Bandcamp ad I’ve embedded, and listen to Christmas songs played and sung by children who still know the meaning of Christmas!

Next up, what kind of Christmas would it be without ornaments, cards, calendars, and assorted holiday tchotchkes from 32 Degrees North. Every year, the lovely ladies at 32 Degrees send our boys an Advent calendar, because they’re nicer people than any seven saints you could name. We always recommend their decorations to everyone, and now Better Homes and Gardens has jumped on our bandwagon. They do Christmas Old Schule, just the way we like it. The only exception we make for Christmas decorations is the Mobster Christmas motif. You get one of those white plastic trees, and put nothing but Crown Royal bags and stolen diamond bracelets under it. Other than that, it’s strictly trad Xmas for the Sippican Clan. Go to their website and dress your house up pretty for Christmas! 

If you’re tired of looking like you raided Ma Kettle’s wardrobe before heading off to the office Christmas Party, you can head on over to Nora

If you’re in New Yawk, and want to skip waiting for the UPS man to arrive with your togs, you can go to Nora’s NYC Holiday Boutique at 125 E 47th Street, NYC (at Lexington Ave). You might catch a glimpse of Nora herself, who is prettier than the models in her ads.

If you’re a Sippican Cottage reader and are hawking something online for Christmas, send me an email at SippicanCottage at and I’ll be glad to add it to the list.

Merry Christmas!

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