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The Z 105.5 Junior Battle of the Bands, and Other Diversions

Well, our boys, AKA Unorganized Hancock, were on Z 105.5 in Auburn, Maine this morning. It was a stone groove. The show is called The Breakfast Club. The very genial host is Matty B, and the very able producer of the show, who is also the Station Manager, is Bonnie McHugh. Here they are wearing their official Unorganized Hancock glasses. I do not know if Matty and Bonnie are the two most pleasant people in Maine, but after today, that’s the way I’d bet.

You can listen to the whole interview by clicking this sentence that tells you to click the sentence by clicking this sentence. 

If you didn’t take me up on the offer to click that last sentence in order to click the sentence, you should be aware that Unorganized Hancock debuted their new original song on Matty’s show this morning, so you should go back and listen to it before I have to get mean, and threaten you with additional hyperlinked sentences. It’s called Go, Go, Go (Don’t You Know), and it’s the greatest thing since Sinatra caught a cold. I’d click that sentence that tells you to click that sentence, if I were you.

Unorganized Hancock is performing at the Lewiston Colisee this Saturday. If that sounds familiar, it should. It’s the arena where the most famous picture in the history of sports was taken:

I find it amazing that the kids will be playing in that very spot, more or less. It just seems like Mount Olympus or something, not a real place that will let me inside it. When my older son was very young, he had a similar drive-by with greatness. He performed in Mechanics Hall in Worcester, Massachusetts. That’s the same stage where Charles Dickens read from his books to a rapt audience. Mechanics used to read Dickens, and make things. That’s a phantom one-two punch in today’s world.

Back to the Lewiston Colisee. The boys are in a Junior Battle of the Bands, being held by the local hockey team, the Lewiston-Auburn Fighting Spirit. They are a Junior hockey team, which I gather is for men between the ages of 18 and 20. There are four contestants in the Battle of the Bands, and they each composed a fight song for the Fighting Spirit hockey team. The winner of the contest will receive a $500 prize from Central Maine Orthopaedics, and their song will be recorded in a studio. Then they’ll perform the song live at opening night of the hockey season, and the recording of the song will be played at every Fighting Spirit home game. That would be some form of wonderful for my boys, and I hope they win.

The hockey team currently uses Dropkick Murphys “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” as their opening song, which if I recall correctly, involves accordions, plus additional noises that aren’t accordions. If you’re unfamiliar with accordions, they are a piano that has contracted emphysema. 

I know you people who read this blog figure I made up an Internet story that I had a wife, like Napoleon Dynamite’s alleged girlfriend from Oklahoma. Well, here she is sitting in the green room with her sons while they wait to go on the air, and she’s never been to Spain, or Oklahoma, either.

I told you to click on the sentence that tells you to click on it. This is your last chance to click on a sentence that instructs you to click on the sentence so that you can listen to the broadcast by clicking on the sentence.  You should click on it, and root, root, root for my little boys. 

13 Responses

  1. Fantastic. Seriously. I had a brief flashback to one of their earliest videos that you posted, and it's amazing how much all that work in the intervening years has borne fruit.

    The song would make for a pretty good music video, too…

  2. Although I gotta say that for a duo you kick it like a quartet. And as we learn from Paul's grandfather in the holy book of Hard Day's Night: "And that lot's never happier than when they're
    jeering at you … and where would they be
    without the steady support of your drum beat,
    I'd like to know."

  3. You can tell a lot about a family by looking at the kids.
    Blessed you are, Sipp, and the family has a glow about them.

    That spare, he sure has camera awareness.

    Uh, Sipp, tread softly around that accordion stuff;
    the accordion is part of my ethnic roots.

    OK, soon come CD, yes? Put me down for two.

    Any thoughts about expanding UH to a trio or quartet?

  4. Wonderful as always. Funny that Gerard referenced Hard Day's Night – the boys do remind me of early Beatles, especially the sense of humor. The spare's got a fair bit of Ringo in him.

    And the original is a heck of a song.

  5. #1, and working backwards: You've shown a picture of your wife before, and I said that now I know where they got their looks, as you seem to be the Man of Incognito. More than that I will not say, given that restraining order mumble mumble.

    #2: The boys do have voices made for radio.

    #3: There is no three; I have done run out.

  6. Very, Very nice.

    Some day I'll say in my dotage, "They were the ones I collected cans on the side of the freeway for."

  7. Now I'm glad you harrangued us to click the link. Very nice interview. Music wonderful. Your older son is correct. The drummer is very very good. And your wife, she glows. Beautiful!

  8. My, my, my…

    Such a truly lovely family – you are Blessed, Indeed –

    (Only twelve, that drummer, hey?…got a dangerous smile on 'im, gonna have to watch that'n close – the wimmens're gonna be after 'im, you betcha, probably already are, hmmm-m-m?…)

    Congrats on – just – everything. Good just to know there are folks like you around – keeping at least one small corner of the Universe more-or-less sane and while and……..well, you know, right?

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