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Take Four

Well, that’s the swinginest version of Take Five I’ve heard since breakfast. It’s like the third-best version of the song except all the ones that are better. It’s performed by the Mighty Typhoons. They appear to be a wedding band from Amsterdam that wish they were half as cool as my two sons.

I think the MIghty Typhoons did manage to get halfway to being as cool as Unorganized Hancock, which is more than most can claim. The drummer was only 10 when they made this video, and he has a tie that adjusts on his neck using a zipper. It’s hard to compete with zipper-tie awesomeness.

Fun fact: I’ve ridden in about 75 percent of the non-dragster cars in this video, including the T-Bird and the Corvette convertibles.

8 Responses

  1. Missed the music, but that was an amazing video! Loved the cars, the people, the telephone poles by the side of the track to help slow you down…as a car guy and casual drag fan, that was a great vid – thanks, Sip!

  2. I dunno, maybe something is wrong with my beat counter.
    I think the Typhoons are in 4/4 time. Tell me it ain't so, Joe.

  3. Thanks for your very kind comment at my hovel. I mean blog. I come here to get my dose of reality, entertainment and to basically cleanse the mind. It doesn't hurt that it is tons of fun.

  4. "Mighty Typhoons", hey?…

    Jeebus, that go-'round alone woulda kilt off Brubeck, all by its (hopefully) singularlessness.

    Heir And Spare, OTOH – coolness, smoothness an' way-way swingingness. tricky time-signature-thing and all. Marvy, Harvey…

  5. psst heh buddy

    soundtrack to secret life of machines (bbc)

    best version EVAH

    don't let on that rex sentcha

  6. It's a fine effort, Rex, it's true, but we prefer the Skatalites ska version as the second-best version of the song, after Unorganized Hancock's version, natch. Of course we'd rather listen to The Guns of Navarone by the Skatalites than Take Five, but you can't always get what you want.

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