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The Land That Time Forgot

Apparently Saturday Night Live had a 40-year birthday party for itself. Show business folk like giving themselves praise and awards. They have the sneaking suspicion no one else would, I imagine. I didn’t watch it. The show was kinda funny 40 years ago. Since then, not so much. You can only be subversive once. After that, you’re bound to become hidebound. The last person to be truly subversive on the show was fired for it, a very long time ago. I knew him a very little.

The, ahem, paper of record didn’t even mention him when maundering on about all the dead alums, so I will. I wrote about him ten years ago. Suicide, like true subversion, is a trick you can only pull once.  Farewell, Captain Packard.

Day: February 17, 2015

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