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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Time To Take The Sippican Cottage Basic Human Decency Test

Once a year I like to offer the public the Sippican Cottage Basic Human Decency Test.

It’s free to take. 

It’s not multiple choice.

It does not require a Number 2 Ticonderoga.

It’s an open book test. I suggest the 1967 Lewiston White Pages. You know, for the plot. But if you need to look anything up, you’ve failed already.

The test will be graded on a curve on the road I live on. 

OK, are you ready? Open your examination books. You have two minutes and ten seconds to complete the test.

  • Listen to the music video
  • If it doesn’t make you smile, you fail
  • You fail utterly
  • You need a checkup from the neck up
  • You need to go to a mental hospital to get an estimate

If you pass, you’re a fundamentally decent human being and you can go about your business. If you failed, I’m coming to look for you, and not with opera glasses, either. I pray that God will turn your hearts, but if he can’t, I hope he turns your ankles, so I can recognize you by the limping.

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[Update: The paradigm for the Sippican Cottage Basic Human Decency Test is Kathleen M. from Connecticut, who religiously contributes to our PayPal button. There’s a statue of Kathleen in the Basic Human Decency Museum. Many thanks, and Merry Christmas!]
[Up Update: Many thanks and Christmas wishes go out to our friends Thud and Anh for supporting our boys. Their children are much better looking than ours, but we don’t hold it against them]
[Upper Update: Many thanks to Francis O., also from the UK, for his contribution to the boys’ efforts, and for his kind words. Merry Christmas!]

14 Responses

  1. Yep, smilin'. Grinning is more like it. These kids have charisma and a very good "come-from".

    You and your missus are reflected through them, so I guess that means you two are good people also.

    Thanks for sharing the kids. Take pride in them.

  2. I am feeling so-o-o decent! Please don't let anyone talk those guys into a wall of sound. Love that "Vegas finish."

  3. I passed! It's good to have these tests every now and then, because some days I'm pretty sure I've been transmogrified into an ogre.

  4. Michael Bublé should just sit down, shut up, watch the video and learn how it should be done.

    Well done – he's got a great voice and a feel for the music.


  5. Junior sure got a grin on him today. Wonder what that's all about? Does he know what's in his box under the tree? Did he get some new drumsticks?

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