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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything


There’s really nothing I can do but warn you. You’re bound to be blindsided. There’s no way you can see this coming. There you are, bumping along, listening to Adrien Moignard and Rocky Gresset lay waste to the Jazz standard Cherokee by Ray Noble, and you’re wondering exactly how inventive a person can get on the guitar, and then, like a turd in the fondue pot, THERE’S A BASS SOLO AT FOUR MINUTES, AND IT LAST FOR TWO, MIND-NUMBING, SOUL-DESTROYING MINUTES, WHILE ACTUAL MUSICIANS LOOK ON IN HORROR.

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  1. Gagdad! Oh, that's an obscure name. I can always rely on you to test my memory. There's this great music video of "We're an American Band" from back when it came out, and G Funk is doing all this motorhead shite like riding motorcycles and skinning their knuckles with crescent wrenches, and even though it's like forty years ago, I remember Mel wearing this preposterous mesh T-shirt and sporting a giant fro in the video. Hilarious.

    Hi Sam- I'm pretty sure everyone that commented on this one, except Gerard, is a bass player.

    Hi Chas!

    Gerard, my man. Ain't it the troof. One of my commenters, I forget who, pointed out that my Spare Heir is the only drummer that he's ever seen playing along with any Django song. That song need a drummer, to drown out the bass solo.

  2. Sipp, good call. Yeah, I played bass in every kinda band except Klezmer. I talked with Charlie Musselwhite's bass player one night in Toronto. (My pal Alberto Gianquinto was the piano player, long story.) Anyway the player, I forget his name, he said about good bass players "it's what they leave out that makes 'em good".

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