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What Ever Happened To Regler People?

I used to see Regler people everywhere.

If Atlas ever shrugged, some mincing actuary or other variety of ink-stained wretch that wants to build a railroad without pulling a building permit wouldn’t be him. Atlas had muscles, yo. You can’t hold up the heavens with Post-It notes.

I miss Regler people. They’ve disappeared from view. No one will consent to be Regler anymore. There was real dignity in being Regler in my lifetime, but no one would be caught dead being Regler now. Except us, of course. We’ve ridden being Regler right into the volcano. Oh how the average person fresh from the courthouse or rehab or the tattoo parlor looks down their nose at us.

Average Americans used to be so very above-average. They were Regler. We live in the wreckage of Regler society, and warm our hands over the fire we made from the boards we pulled from their abandoned houses. Pass the bottle and tell a tall story in the flickering firelight. Tell one about giants. Heroes. Tell one about Regler people.

9 Responses

  1. Reglar's still around and still making the world.

    The difference is that the people for whom their whole life is a freak show got the spotlight.

    They'll die off.

  2. Once used to be reglars, hippies took over. Then came yuppies, then neo-hippies. Now nu-yups and neckbeards. And bowling still exists. The Price is Right is still on.

    You can't get rid of reglars…

  3. One of the things I like about the Berkshires. Yes, the people from Boston and NYC and abroad come and dump loads of money there, but the natives still continue being normal people. (Perhaps their ability to persist depends upon the income from outside…?)
    As someone with degrees from top universities in three different countries, I rather like living in a place where I can be confident that my auto mechanic, handyman, and landscaper are all more intelligent than I am.

  4. The demise of regler folks was thought to have begun in the 60s (the Boomers decade) but evidence recently brought to light shows that it was the 50s (the Eisenhower decade) that started corrupting regler folks: stereophonic sound, color TVs, dial telephones, fast food restaurants, jet airplanes, overhead valve engines, oh the list stretches beyond the horizon.

    Now lines are clearly drawn between the haves and the used-to-haves, the don't-wanna-haves, the never-will-haves and the sour-grapes-haves.

    We are normal, and we want our freedom.

  5. I wonder, did i ever see reglars being born in the late 70s? my grandparents maybe? they're all dead now.

    how does one become a reglar? 🙂

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