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You Deserve A Wonderful Generic Christmas

Those two scamps, Unorganized Hancock, are back, and they’re back with ORIGINAL MATERIAL. They’re obviously the greatest homeschooled pop duo since that other homeschooled pop duo retired. No, not that one. The other one. And that other homeschooled pop duo was the best one around since Mozart and his sister trod the boards. And Mozart couldn’t even play the drums, dude.

What kind of writing pays the best, my son asked me. I said, “Ransom notes,” but he doesn’t listen. So he’s written a goldurn Christmas song, and it’s a daisy. Generic Christmas will sweep the nation, I have no doubt, and maybe after they sweep it, they could touch up the paint, and empty all the trash barrels.

Our brave new world of original music comes at a price: 99 cents. That’s right, if you like Unorganized Hancock’s Generic Christmas, you can purchase a digital copy of  it suitable for framing or ramming into your MP3 player for less than a dollar!  Of course, if you don’t like it, we suggest you buy a copy of it anyway, and then erase it brusquely from your iPod to teach those two a lesson:

Unorganized Hancock on Bandcamp

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  1. I bought one for myself – it's certainly more entertaining and longer-lasting than that Obama Chia head I got myself last year.

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