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Get Unorganized Now!

The Unorganized Hancock boys are doing swell with their first original recorded composition, Generic Christmas Song. It’s for sale for adding to your mp3 player playlist on the spiffy Bandcamp website, for only 99 cents. Some very pleasant people have noticed that you can pay more than 99 cents if you want to, and they sure have. Many, many thanks.

Regular reader and commenter Julie was, and will always be, the first person to ever buy an Unorganized Hancock selection. We’re putting up a plaque in the basement in her honor. It looks a little like a shim under the lally column, but don’t be fooled, Julie. You’re aces in our book. So is Dan D. and Russell D and Fred L and my old high school friend Jay D and Robert E (that Robert E, we wondered?) and Dan Z and Phil B and Karen M and Jonathan C . Many thanks to all for your support! The boys have sold copies in Canada and the UK as well as the States, so I guess we have to call them international recording sensations now.

Our Interfriend Steve Layman over at Anderson Layman’s Blog posted our lads’ video and did more than threaten to hit the tip jar, he gave it a good workout. Many thanks for the link and the support!

But wait, there’s more! Generic Christmas Song will be featured on Christmas Eve on WMBR in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on their Pipeline show.  You can stream WMBR online, and you can bet we will.

It’s not too late to get your copy. Here’s Unorganized Hancock’s page at Bandcamp:

Get Unorganized now!

[Update: Additional Generosity Outbreak includes Nicholas K, and Kathleen M, and Malcolm A (who wondered what sort of teenage weirdo composes songs in A flat) and Robert S. Many, many thanks to all! Merry Christmas!]

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  1. Awesome! I may be the only person on the internet who can claim "First!!!1!1" and have it mean something. I suppose if it's not too late, you could put it as an inscription on the plaque…

    In all seriousness, congratulations, boys!

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