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In Furtherance Of My Evil Plan To Resurrect Wichita Lineman And Make It The Official Cover Song Of The Twenty-Teens: Optiganally Yours

Fonkee. Better bass playing than most versions. I get the impression from all the audio spackle that the vocalist couldn’t sing at gunpoint, or perhaps is singing at gunpoint, but a song with legs carries one along with it, doesn’t it?

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  1. You are not the only person taken with the song Wichita Lineman in my sphere. A DJ I listen to on a community station here in CA also is struck by it. I don't know why and neither does he really. Mine is '52 Vincent Black Lightning by Richard Thompson and several cover versions I could mention. Beautiful paitings of Unorganized Hancock. I feel the same thing about water color – it isn't possible to paint with water – color or not. Must be magic of some sort.

  2. I love Wichita Lineman – probably the most Irish of all American unrequited love pop songs of all time. But what do I know?

    This version sucks. I request a video of UH singing it, please. They'd outdo this playing in a barrel.

  3. I wanna know where the video behind the music is from. Turn off the audio and just watch.

    You can have some fun if you put a rotary phone out where the kids have to use it. Dialing is a lost art.

  4. I like the 101 Strings version. Sadly no lyrics but it has a good beat, I can dance to it. I've enjoyed their version on several elevators. IIRC Gladys Knight and the Pips also covered it. I am searching through my Lawrence Welk cassettes; I seem to remember hearing it on one of 'em. Rumor has it that Elvis covered it but the track was left off the album. Maybe on a bootleg?

    Sigh, there's so much about this song we may never know.

  5. Lileks has a post today about some guy emailing him and many others about MP3s playing stuff to him. Mr. Sippi, you stop that right now! Gotta be complaining about this one.

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