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That Seventies Show

What was it? Three, four years ago. The Heir had saved his pennies and bought a Stratocaster. He pawed over my old setlists and practiced and practiced. I took him with me to an old friend’s house, and we reassembled the wreckage of a band that used to make a little scratch down Cape Cod way. The boy wanted to play with a real, live band.

We were, technically, alive, so we let him.

[Update: Thanks to Dave, for hitting the music equipment jar again. It seems to be paying dividends already. You can almost hear and see them in the videos now. And thanks, Gareth! And Henry! Thanks]

8 Responses

  1. The funny part is that I was gonna request Badfinger about a month ago but I didn't want to set the bar too high. Oh well there goes that concern- you guys just killed it.
    I'm starting to get the impression that this is the only money i ever spent that wasn't wasted.


  2. Dave! Many thanks for you continued support and enthusiasm for the boys' efforts.

    Hi Leslie- They did the thing in one take. The heir overdubbed the guitar solo and the harmony after. The little feller is all business.

  3. Wish I had some money to throw in the tip jar, but I am in the same situation as you.
    If you let me fix your car you can spend the amount you would have spent fixing the car on the boys electronics.

    I don't know anything about drumming, but it seems to me to be too bad you don't know any woodworkers that could shorten the spareheir's drumsticks so he wouldn't have to choke up on them so much.


  4. Just wonderful, great poise and good hand positions on the neck…and the song…mysterious how they can contain memory…I can still see M–telling me she was moving to Vegas..ran into her at the state fair…they had a great sound system to attract kids to the tilt-a-whirl…remember this song booming out the system…M had to shout in my ear…sorry for going on…gettomg old…anyway, the kid has got it, cheers!

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