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Merry Christmas From Sippican Cottage!

We can’t thank everyone enough, but you can’t stop us from trying. So here goes:

To everyone that reads, and comments, and links, and corresponds, and buys my book, and purchases furniture, and uses our Amazon links, and pitches in to help us buy musical stuff for Unorganized Hancock — even though they sing a clunker now and then –many thanks from the entire Cottage family; we hope the blessings of the season brighten your life, and that the new year brings you all good health, good fortune, and many amusements. We love you all.

[Update: Thanks, Dave R.! Thanks, Bilejones!, Thanks, Kathleen M.! for hitting the tipjar]

15 Responses

  1. And what a wonderful year it's been! Anything that teaches and reinforces the relationship between work and getting what you want is a good one, and it seems they've had lots of opportunities for such lessons with their new venture. I had been thinking about you guys doing this song too. Bless you all and thanks for all the great vids and music. Everybody Talks


  2. Mr. Sippi, by golly you can dress up those kids AND take them out. you and Mrs. Sippi have done good. Merry Christmas to all your family and the readers of this amazing blog.

  3. Merry Christmas to you, your wife and the boys. You have brought many bright moments to me this past year. Investing in Unorganized Hancock was one of my better choices for 2012. God bless you all.


  4. So my plan was to kick in $25 bucks or so a month. There are looming employment uncertaintes so do go into hock in the expectation of my shilling.

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