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Punk’s Cole Porter Sings Steely Dan

Joe Jackson was one of those fellows like Elvis Costello, and Sting, and a couple hundred other guys from the eighties, that wore skinny ties and snarled to make a buck, but wished they were doing dinner theater the whole time.

Now, Steely Dan — they pretended to do dinner theater right from the get-go, while the whole time they were Beelzebub’s function room house band.

So now, the square is circled. Any major dude could tell you that.

7 Responses

  1. I'm not a major dude, nor a minor one neither. Who Is This Guy, and why should I care?

    (Harshing your mellow since I forget just when.)

  2. Nope.

    I have a feeling that the only human (or, non-) who can sing that song properly is Donald Fagan.

    It wasn't the musicians' skinny ties. It was what Fagan and Hunter Thompson were doing with language and imagery back then.


  3. Al:

    It's not that I don't care for Mr. Jackson. My comments are directed at this cover of Steely Dan. I have a hard time imagining anyone covering there stuff.

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