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Fascinating look into a factory making motherboards.

A motherboard is the component that holds the CPU –Central Processing Unit — in your computer. It generally holds your memory and has lots of connectors on it for your peripherals — your disk drives and such.

This is an old-fashioned sort of factory. It mentions that Giga Byte is now the last motherboard manufacturer in Taiwan. China is Taiwan’s Taiwan now.

I’ve worked in a clean room factory on electronic stuff before. Defense plant stuff. It’s a bizarre atmosphere. No natural light all day makes you weird. It’s doubly weird if you work the night shift. If you sleep all day, in the winter you never see the sun.

It was a very long time ago, but I still remember the mnemonic device for remembering what the colored stripes on the resistors we used meant: Bad Boys Rape Our Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly is how it was taught to us. They’ve since tried to make it more politically correct, and hence, less memorable.

These motherboards are generally sold to housebound agoraphobes covered in cheeto dust who play video games and put together their own rigs. The world is getting strange. An ax is more useful than a computer now.

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  1. Funny you say that, my youngest son (11) just built his first computer with a motherboard from that factory (I presume). My oldest son is going to refresh his computer with a new CPU and motherboard in a few weeks when Fall Break starts in high school.

    They fear no technology.

    I'm assuming you're kidding when you say knowing how to use an axe is more useful.


    PS – They're both scouts, so they get the axe thing too.

  2. I wonder why they insert the I/O connectors and so on by hand – it seems oddly archaic considering they have machines that do the smaller stuff.

  3. Well, at least it isn't the Michael Vicks Mnemonic Method of Lines on the Staves.
    Treble Lines-
    The English:
    Every Good Boy Deserves Favour.
    Michael Vicks:
    Every Great Big Dog Fights
    Bass Lines-
    The English:
    Go Buy Doughnuts For Andrew
    Michael Vicks:
    Great Big Dogs Fight Always.

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