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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Pure Pop For Then People

Paul Carrack in 1976 performing How Long with Ace. Paul Carrack is cooler than you because he was in Roxy Music and Squeeze. The only way you could be cooler than that is if you were Miles Davis, and you’d be dead so you wouldn’t leave a comment.

4 Responses

  1. Paul Carrack led to Nick Lowe led to Dave Edmonds:
    led, as all things do, to the Kings:
    One of the coolest things in the How long? video is the tone the lead guitar player got. Straight-up Rockford Files tone. See that big seam in the top of his Les Paul though, not even centered?? Seeing that for the first time was the end of my innocence. Strats were made just like that in that era too. That's when I learned that you didn't have to be any kind of craftsman to build a guitar. And since that's exactly what type of craftsman I am, That's what i did.
    Tell your kids I actually recommended the Arctic Monkeys on Ace of Spades 2 days ago and thanks for the tip-

  2. OK then I noticed he's got sorta a Kurt Russell vibe goin' on there- kinda did bring up a gripe I've had for a long time- that lead guitar player was probably playing the only lead he was ever gonna get on video- but not really playing as though he appreciates that fact. I always tell lead guitarists to play like that's the last time they'll ever be on stage. And someday they'll be right-

  3. What's amazing- unimaginable- impossible to appreciate if you weren't there hearing it all at the time- is that according to wiki "Tempted" only made it to #49 on the singles charts when it came out. There was that much great music…

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