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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Put On Your Wig, Woman

Junior Walker and the All-Stars are in second place behind Steely Dan for words that had never been assembled in that order before.

I heard a rumor that the Fashion Police executed the dancers right after the show.

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  1. That is the absolute best use of the upper register evah! Junior Walker was the man.

    Those days have passed – even his organ player is gone now – he was up to the task of hanging with Junior, that's for sure.

    The skinny dancers – those days are long gone. Sure, the fashions may be dated, but the dancers were impressive.

    To sum up – more Junior Walker videos, please. No doubt I will go deaf because I turn the volume up, but better that music than power tools, gnome sane?

  2. Nice. After Jr. relocated to over by the band, enjoyed getting a short glimpse of the stage hand who moved the mike scurry out of the way, trying to beat the camera.

    Sax trivia: Selmer Mark VI tenor, looks like maybe a Berg Larsen mouthpiece.

  3. T.K. – thanks for the sax trivia. Just as having the same bicycle that Lemond rode would not make me go faster, duplicating what Junior played would not improve my sax playing a bit. But I always enjoy hearing one of the best play like that.

  4. Sixty–

    Clip made me glad I don't play in that style, b/c the way he popped out that altissimo squeal, instant, unwavering and in tune, was a little intimidating!! He didn't even look like he tried hard.

    A Berg mpc can help you get that, but it's just the platform. Player's gotta take the leap.

  5. T.K. – you make an excellent point – his signature squeal is right on the money every time. Awesome.

    My sax playing days are all behind me now – the C-melody I got from my father is now in the hands of my son. My soprano went to my brother, who gave it to his son. My niece, who majored in saxamaphone at Peabody has professional instruments – alto, tenor and baritone. I need to be a bad influence and encourage her to emulate Junior.

    Nah, just kidding, she can develop her own style.

    This is the second Junior Walker video that I have seen here on Sippican's place, and in both cases I am amazed by the same things – the slimness of the dancers, the greatness of the band and, not really nostalgia, per se, but just being glad that I was alive when that music was brand new.

    And it's okay for me to admire the dancers – we are the same age. ;^)

  6. Everything Jr. Walker and the All Star ever recorded were variations on a theme.

    Not that they weren't good tunes – just they all sounded the same.

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