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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

I Used To Be Four Percent As Cool As This

That makes me a lot cooler than your average person.

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  1. I once saw Van Morrison perform when his musical director was Pee Wee Ellis, who had formerly served in that capacity with Mr. James Brown.

    At one point in the show, during one of those hypnotic vamps, Morrison yelled out "JBs!," and the band instantly complied, laying down the same motif with perfect cosmic funkmanship. He then yelled out "Weather Report," and the band instantaneously transitioned to a jazz-fusion style. Then "string quartet." Same thing. Can't remember the other styles, but in any event, I've heard Van say in the past that JB was the master of stage dynamics, and that he tries to emulate him in his own way.

  2. Bob- That must have been quite a show.

    James Brown is that rarest of things. A self-invented person. I see bits of guys like Joe Tex in there, but he really did make up his whole thing, and converted the band and then the audience.

    I've never seen a live performer like that in my life. Electrifying.

  3. James Brown honed his chops as a kid shinning shoes and dancing for the soldiers at Fort Gordon, Ga.

    Not sure about his Famous Flames.

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