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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Martin D-18. Some Assembly Required, But Supplied. It’s Up To You To Shake The Notes Out Of It

Oh man. High ceiling. Banks of big windows with the sill at bench height. Steam heat. I could make things in that shop.


In a pawn shop in Odessa in the fall of ’64
The pawn shop man was leavin’ he was lockin’ up the door
I ran up just in time and I hollered through the screen
Hey, man, you got any good guitars in here,
he said “I got this D-18”

So I gave him a hundred dollars and I took that sucker home
I cleaned it up and strung it hit a chord and heard that tone
It was crisp and clean, rich and full, all a guitar ought to be
I said Thank you, Mr, Martin, you made this D-18 for me

I Said Thank you, Mr. Martin, I’m alright
‘Cause once again this old guitar helped me through the night
I’m mighty grateful to you, you know how to make ’em right
I said Thank you, Mr. Martin, I’m alright

If I’m feelin’ down and worthless and I haven’t got a dime
Wonderin’ if I spent my life just wastin’ my time
I pick up that old guitar, some paper and a pen
I say Thank you, Mr. Martin, you saved my life again.

I’ve written songs about my lovers, my family and my friends
My wife, my child, the old home place and the road that never ends
Heroes hobos rock n’ roll and a honky tonk queen
I wrote ’em all without exception on my Martin D-18

Now It was made way back In ’43 when I was just a kid
I believe it’s about the best thing Mr. Martin ever did
It plays real good, it stays in tune, and never treats me mean
Thank God for Mr. Martin and that fine old D-18.

Well there’s your Gallagher, your Gibson, your Goya, Gretsch, and Guild
I’ve played every kind of guitar that them guitar makers build
I’ picked on a lot of axes but the best I’ve ever seen
Is my funky beat up wonderful old Martin D-18

They still make the very thing: C.F.Martin D-18

Martin D-18P Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar at Amazon

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  1. Norman Blake made it well known and many folks assume he wrote it. You can watch Norman play it here. In that clip, he says it was written by Jerry Faires.

    Blake and Tony rice also did a nice recording of it.

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