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All The Small Things

Yesterday was National Skate Day, 2011.

June 21st is the national holiday of skateboarding, apparently, whether Hallmark knows it or not. Oh little town of Rumford Maine had their own fete in honor of four wheels and no homework. The Sun Journal was there:

Hmm. That racket in the background sounds familiar. Ah, yes, it’s my fifteen-year-old son and his friends playing their first gig. The Meteor was there, too:

Lessee. He broke two strings on the first song, and had to play the rest of the day with a borrowed guitar. The PA system the event organizers supplied was a karaoke machine, so the lads had to rush home and cobble together another one on a moment’s notice. The second singer was grounded and couldn’t come, so The Heir had to sing everything. The other bands didn’t show up, so they got asked to play all afternoon instead of an hour. No matter what happened, they kept going, and used their heads to solve their problems.

Take care of all the small things, and the big things never show up.

9 Responses

  1. Nice! Your son has a great stage presence – cool as a cucumber! I have to say also, that's the most wholesome bunch of skateboarders I have ever seen.

  2. Aww Shucks.

    *wipes tear*

    If Norman Rockwell were around, he could capture this…

    small town feel.

    skateboarders. rockers.

    Love it.

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