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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Dude Turning The Crank Wouldn’t Mind If William And Mary Fruitcake On The Lathe Hurried The Hell Up

And if he hears one more flute concerto he’s gonna get stabby with a roughing gouge.

5 Responses

  1. Cool Lathe with the rope. Why was Ichabod not wearing the obligatory colonial socks? Seems like it should have been in black and white, and faster moving with a Benny Hill type on the crank.

  2. Of all the tools in my wood shop, the lathe is my favorite. There's just something about shaping a piece of wood with the lathe that is soothing and very relaxing.

    However I prefer up tempo blues or swing music to chamber music when I'm in the shop. That stuff would just put me to sleep – something you don't want to do around a lathe.

  3. I built a lathe out of wood in the 21st century. When I ordered some quill parts for the tail stock, and explained to the guy at the major lathe manufacturer what I needed them for, he said "I think you misunderstood the term 'wood lathe'".

    That made me laugh.

    I employed that modern invention, which I think might just stick around an "electric motor". More dependable than 18th C. indentured servants. More legal, too.

    That was some rockin' continuo on that sound track.

  4. Fascinating to watch, but a powerful reminder of the gratitude we should be showing to the likes of Michael Faraday, Thomas Davenport and William Sturgeon, and later, Westinghouse and Tesla – the gentlemen who over time gave us the gift of being able to punch that nice big "On" button and turn wood without it stopping every few seconds.

    And the guy needs a new barber 🙂

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