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Jayzeus H. Keericed On A Cracker. It’s March Fer Cryin’ Out Loud

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  1. Cold here, too. It got down to 35 degrees last night. It was 80 last week, so the temperature swings have been pretty wide. Around here we call this "Spring".

  2. We were mid 80s beginning of the week and then it plummeted to the low 70s. Mid 50s at night.
    'Bout July I'll be loudly moaning the heat and humidity. Are we never happy?

  3. Current temperature…
    Feels like…

    Hey Sipp,

    Are you weathered enough to be able to feel that difference between 4 and 12? Whattaya, go from 17 to 16 layers of clothes when it gets to 12?

    Warm thoughts, dude


  4. Hi Phil- It was the minus 15 that caught my eye. Things get really weird when it's that cold out.

  5. That is pretty cold for March, and also rather unusual.
    Pretty cold for January, but not that unusual.

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